Anti-mold activity of copper chelates

ChemLife Innovations

Copper in the form of salts is being used for several centuries as disinfecting, anti-fouling, antibacterial, and antifungal agent. The Greeks of the pre-christian era were using copper salts for treating pulmonory diseases and purifying water. It is very common practice in Indian temples and households to use copper vessels to store water for rituals and to drink. Early Phoenicians used to nail copper strips to ship’s hulls to avoid algal deposit and fouling.  Two hundred years back American travelers moving across the continent put silver and copper coins in large wooden water containers to keep water safe for drinking during the voyage.During second world war Japanese soldiers were using pieces of copper in their water bottles to help prevent dysentery.Cu_vessels.jpg

The research done in the recent past have confirmed the broad spectrum biocidal activities of copper salts and complexes. During early 1980’s work done by Dr.Phyllis J Kuhn indicated metal strips of…

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